Thursday, September 2, 2010

Perception of Inception

Whatever Shakespeare must have said, life certainly is not a play. It’s not a game that we kind of play up and down till we are finally put to sleep.

And definitely we are not toys. Not at all. So why do we perform. Yes we do, to commands, to wishes, to emotions. Right from the word go in our life to the moment when the coordinates match up to put us to sleep, we keep struggling with our acts. And this, much as we believe, is all controlled in the heart more than in the head.

Through our life we keep playing it up in the brain and most of us fail because I guess it is not meant to be like that. We plan, we align, and we connive actions based on a strategy which defines how it will affect others. Most of what we do is extremely planned to make sure it affects the surroundings in a certain designated way. So we are playing up to achieve an objective. And that is where we try and make life complex. Life is simpler when and if we realize that it is meant to be one’s own.

Agreed emotions play up big time and drive whatever they drive. But they play up to make things better; and hence they can stay. Negative emotions are destructive – much to the generator than to the target. That’s how we have made life such complicated maze. We do the most inhuman thing of influencing behaviours, thoughts, actions – not just our own, but also of others who complete our environment.

Imagine if life was all about the head, it would not have been a difficult game. Then we could run life like a detailed flowchart with curtailed chambers, defined access, and streamlined processes. I feel the heart, or the emotion, or humane feel brings in the challenge. It is all about the scheme of things and one’s ability to perceive and see things exactly the way they are designed to be seen. It’s just a perception of your feeling positive or negative about anything in the creation. Whatever perceived with negative intention will generate negative results and same positive intentions will breed positive outcome.

Unfortunately for most of us, our life is not our life but a culmination of what and hows of others that we live by everyday to satisfy this quench of aspirations. So the whole point is to just let life flow smooth without making an effort to strategize thinking, influence conduct and try to manage outcome. Plainly put inception is just out of the order, not needed, but so much there. Inception of aspirations is the real challenge for life.

Thanks Sumit for the discussion

Will miss you...always.

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