Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life mein no twist

No, I was not busy and there was no other reason which kept me away from this space. Honestly speaking, I was just lazy. Lazy to think, opine or discuss...thanks to our news channels for feeding me my share of news, views and discussions and inflicting their opinion on me. Gosh..I feel I was brain dead all these days.

What I missed to bring to this space was Maulik’s birthday, all happy and fun. Breakfast with lovely kids at the orphanage, tit bits and the favourite Noddy Cake for lunch at School and finally a scrumptious dinner at Rajdhaani with Nani-Nani, Papa-Mummy and Bua....memories, beautiful and enjoyable. A following day lunch party at Bikanerwala with my at-work friends was indeed heart warming. Thanks Guys!

Oh ya, we celebrated our anniversary last month. Cannot imagine we have successfully spent 7 years together. Wo!! A day at Select City Walk was nice, from shopping to hogging on donuts – fultoo masti!God be with us forever.

So I am back...charged with thoughts and emotions. Watch out for more....soon!!!

Will miss you...always.

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