Monday, July 14, 2008

Sorry Dr. Talwar

It took the investigating agencies about 90 days to nail down the culprits of the Aarushi murder case. This indeed was the murder most foul – the little girl full of life smashed in head and slashed in throat. The gory details of the murder were just not the only thing that stunned us, the bigger surprise came with the claim that her very own parents were involved.

All that followed was character assassination of not just the family and friends, but also the little girl who must have literally sobbed in her grave. After CBI’s admission of the case findings last evening, some news channels openly came to surrender to the fact that they were reckless, they did tarnish the image of the Talwars and also came up with ‘breaking news’ that did not spare even spare the murdered girl.

The story on Headlines Today, ‘tears in heaven’, admitted that their irresponsible reporting would have made poor Aarushi cry in heaven. The story ended with saying “Sorry aarushi, we apologize to you. May your soul rest in peace” – the videos of the pretty innocent lad waving good bye did leave me wet in the eyes.

Was it just the media, wasn’t it not the aam aadmi too who enjoyed the murder theories day in and day out just like the last over in the india-pakistan series. Am I also not the culprit to have become judgemental and confidently expressed my opinion in public. Yes I am at fault and have been a part of this sin. There may be many holes in the final story and no one seems to be convinced, but Dr. Talwar is a free man today. If that means he is actually innocent, just like all of us, I hold an apology too – Sorry Dr. Talwar.

Aarushi, hope justice has been done.

Will miss you...always.

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