Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The three words..from Rajdeep!!!

Hello! Hellooo! Hell-o!!

The three words sounded music, and they were from none other than Rajdeep Sardesai. There was silence on the other side of the connection- with a frozen me. I was speechless – a situation that I experienced the very first time in my life. No words erupted from either my mind nor did any could drop from my mouth. The line was soon disconnected. I was ecstatic. Yes it was Rajdeep’s number and yes it was him. I heard him….but gosh could not talk. Maybe the next day I will give it another shot, i thought.

I called up the next day, and I did not miss this opportunity.

Me: Hello, good evening sir. If you are not busy, can we talk for 2 minutes.

Rajdeep: What is about madam.

Me: Well nothing in particular. Wanted to talk for a moment.

Rajdeep: Then I am sorry mam, unless it is something specific, I do not talk.

Me: Not even if it is for appreciation.

Rajdeep: (sounding confused) Well thanks for calling for appreciating, but no.

Me: You have already wasted 30 seconds and I just have a minute and a half more.

Rajdeep: Well tell me please.

Spontaneous praises. I was surprised at the beauty of the words that were flowing. Wo.(It was an effort to stop myself.)

Rajdeep: I am touched mam. Thanks so much for calling and for all your appreciation. (sounding so gentle and polite). Thanks so much. And I’ll really appreciate if you could send in your feedback, constructive feedback. I’ll sure work on it.

(In the background, maulik yells…mamma, mamma)

Rajdeep: So you are a mom too.

Me: Yes

Rajdeep: Sweet. And working too?

Me: Ya. I work for HT Media.

Rajdeep: Good. Very Good. And madam, thanks again for calling. Am sincerely touched. All the best lady. All the very best.

Thanks Rajashree for the number. This indeed was bliss.

Will miss you...always.

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