Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pink city turns red, hell

The pink city of Jaipur is red today. With blood splattered all over the streets that witnessed tragedy and pain yesterday, the city has a sad story to tell. Just the time when devotees were waiting for parshaad at the hanuman temple, there was a loud blast. Many fell - some never got up. The death of 60 people in the city isn’t what this beautiful historical destination would have forseen for them.

As the series of bombs exploded in various parts of the city, once again the TV channels got their share of masala to report. The state machinery is being questioned, the intelligence agencies are being blamed, top journos are yelling about terrorism, all the f*****g terrorist outfits are suspected. At the end of it - all we will know is some survivor stories, how some people died, how some were saved miraculously, how many actually die, who could be blamed and how many arrests could the police manage. There is no other chapter in this book of ‘reporting terrorist attack’.

The country has witnessed some of the goriest terror attacks in the last few months, with that in Mumbai which I very candidly remember. But none other than the victims and their families remember them. We have no time, the government has the next elections to plan for, the opposition is strategizing for a win, most of the journalists are either travelling or talking about food and lifestyle. So who will talk about terrorism and not just talk, but discuss, debate and compel the government to try to look for solution. We really need to get harder on our stand: we will not tolerate this anymore.

But we Indians do not take time to adjust - adjust to situations, problems, difficulities etc. Now looks like we are getting used to terrorism too. Lets not turn our backs to the tragedy, atleast pray for those who suffered. This killer called terrorism can come to anyone, anytime. We are lucky only till the day we are not in the middle of it. Unless those who can really do something about it fasten their belts, looks like this menace is here to stay. The memories of our recent Jaipur trip got a jolt yesterday. What if terrorists had planned it all on the day we were there, in the temple, at the market place.

Will miss you...always.

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