Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is God on vacation?

I shivered at the sight of a canula in this little boy’s wrist. It pains, I know. When the long and merciless needle was poked into it, all I heard was a dim sound of pain. I opened my eyes to see this barely 4 year old smiling and looking at his dad’s pale face: dekha mujhe dard nahi hota. I couldn’t control myself and gave him a pat. Brave boy, I thought. His dad was telling the attendant that the boy has been down with high fever since last 5 days.

The waiting room at the hospital was unusually busy. Looks like the world is down with viral. Even the horrific stories of Sajay ji’s (at office) niece that I hear, are painful. The 7 year old was recently operated for an intestinal infection. The infection, the doctors said, was a result of consistent high fever. Vicky’s son too is not recovering from congestion and fever - the angel has been suffering from the past 9 days.

The little ones for sure do not deserve this. God, it’s time for you to come back from your vacation. Are you listening?

Will miss you...always.

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