Monday, July 30, 2007

The Baby Show: Part 2

Mauli has won two prizes at Mother's pride: one as we all know is for the Sunniest Smile, the other one is for Chubby Cheeks. We realized it only when we visited their school to recieve the long pending gift. One of the two (same same) bicycles that Mauli received is already on its way to the forgotten toy tub because it is creaking under Maulik's weight...he has been riding the poor 1.5 feet thing inspite of its lean structure. The 2 small batteries find no use as he goes shooo shoo with it, using his little feet to steer it. He is having a good time...and moms watching.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What a Shame

With Gym taking a backstage, my evenings are largely on the mercy of the dozen news channels. That’s a disadvantage if you have not developed a taste (mis-taste) for the saas bahu serials. But the last few days of association with the TV has only been a source of agony and desperation. Picture this from yesterday:

Zee News: Bus ran over a cyclist in west Delhi.

Total TV: Two guys in a car almost hit a pedestrian and later whipped on his legs with a wooden log only to hide their shame.

IBN7: A bunch of motorists were over speeding and troubling others on the road near Connaught Place. While policemen decided to be silent onlookers, the media persons who tried to capture the hooligans on camera were beaten up.

CNN IBN: A 10-year old was run over by eve teasers and is undergoing treatment in a Mumbai hospital. The little girl had a near death experience under the wheels of a jeep driven by an eve teaser.

The evening became rather sad after I saw this little girl. The pretty angel was holding her dad’s hand, crying in pain. Someone with even the heart of an iron would have melted to see that, for someone who has a little daughter...i am sure would have had been in shivers. And then the thought: afterall the people who have done this are also human beings, human beings without a heart(?)...born to filthy rich parents, devoid of all the good teachings, sanskaars in life. The accused is a 22 year old boy…don’t know much about him but I wonder what made this guy grow up to become a monster…and coming to think that people like these will be the future of our planet. I feel like wrapping my kiddo in a cotton roll and keeping him in where nothing, no evil, no monster like people, nothing touches him. But it’s only a matter of time and he will need exposure to the big bad (rightly called so) world. I am scared…I really am.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


It’s become a win announcement page now. This time its Rajdeep Sardesai. Rajdeep, (the man needs no introduction), has been adjudged the Journalist of the Year (Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism awards) and also been named the Newsmaker of the Year (News Television Awards for excellence in TV journalism).

Congratulations Rajdeep...we(I!!!) love you.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Mauli wins too

Taj wasn’t the only prizewinner this Sunday…the day gave us another win. Maulik was awarded the baby with the Sunniest Smile at the Mothers Pride Baby Show. It was a dull and dry event but Mauli had all the fun (like momma like son). When showed the picture of a buffalo, he insisted that it was a cow and failed to agree even as the teacher kept repeating. Everyone in the room burst out laughing when he started bow-wow when shown the picture of a dog. Congratulations my little angel.

Gosh..its a girl

Written on 6th July

Last week the incredible headlines that zapped me and flashed continuously on the 24/7 hindi news channels - “kalyug ki maa / kaatil maa”, the context – a mother in a Andhra Pradesh village had packed and chucked her 2 day old girl in a trunk. The baby was rescued and saved by a Samaritan.

Picture this: My sister in law went for a sex determination check and then got an abortion done as the report read that she was carrying a girl child.

Scene 2: The kids (a 3 year old daughter and a 6 month old son) of my neighbor on the first floor shout papa papa on the top of their voice seeing their dad’s car approaching. As the dad gets down from the car, he rushes to take the son in his arms and kisses him, while the girl stands there shouting papa mujhe bhi, mujhe bhi, to which the dad replies beta papa office se thak kar aaye hain.

I frankly do not see an inch of difference in the three scenes. The poor lady had just wanted to save her daughter from the poverty inflicted ordeal that she had to go through. In the second case, for sure bhabhi did want to save herself from the ire of the in-laws after giving birth to a second daughter. The third case…well to the guy, loving his son more than the daughter comes naturally…he has seen his parents doting him ever since he has been blessed with the son.

The point that I am trying to make with my jumbled words and confused thoughts - its in us, in the system, in the country….name it poverty, call it female feticide, or label it the girl boy divide…even the mall capital of the country suffers from it…so donno if even education is helping.

Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm back

From one post a week to this post after almost a month….life is getting busier, or can I say I am turning into a lazy bum. No gym, no walks, not even visits to the park…it’s me searching for the sleep and sleep.

The hot month of June brought in little good things…Anuj’s little achievement at work and my first ever camping tour (with Maulik!!!). Ever since I have returned, my bones crack at the mere mention of walking, my head constantly needs a pillow support, my tummy wants to save the churning job and am living on gheeya and torayi.

But all in all, the month that heard everyone talking about global warming and Indians measuring it with the disappearing lingam at Amarnath, was generous to me.

On the 22nd of June, the GSE team at office launched for a trip to Camp Bodhisatva, a camping site near Rajgarh in Himachal. I was the most excited traveller as Maulik and Mansha (Poonam’s daughter who played maulik’s counterpart) too were a part of this adventure trip. The ride from Gurgaon office to Bodhisatva was cool in that super–deluxe bus with amazing features: the headlights go off when the AC is switched on, the AC goes off if the horn and indicator are put to use, only the fans on the left are functional and that too when the AC and the headlights are switched off. Ab jaan hai to jahaan hai…we decided to put off the AC and have the headlights on. The dinner break at Sukhdev ka dhaba at Murthal was yum. Me-mauli had a sleepless night watching everyone except Amandeep (the Punjab ka puttar to the core) retiring in the push back seats. The morning tea near Solan was our first brush with mountains and I was already humming “yeh hasin waadiyaan, ye khula aasman…”

Bodhisatva was 10 tents, strategically located to enjoy the neighborhood of mountains, fruit laden trees, birds, a vivacious stream….what else could one ask for…my lungs were breathing healthy. As me and Poonam shared the tent, Maulik and Mansha started to discover friendship. The Saturday morning at the camp, after a scrumptious breakfast looked just perfect to retire to the bed….but Rohit (our instructor at the camp…a pleasing, decent guy who really took good care of us) had different plans for us. Weighing a little less than 100 kilos, I was rope walking, crossing the bridge…doing things that I really thought I was not capable of. Thanks to the team, especially Harsha, Nilesh, Neha, Supriya, and Gaurav for giving me the much needed break from Maulik….guys you were great help. Thanks. And how can I not thank Rohit for bearing the weight of Maulik and his mom (now that deserves a weighty thanks.... Thank you Rohit).

Day 1 ended with music and masti around the bonfire and finger licking snacks and dinner. While the enthusiasts went for a night trek, me and mauli had a nice time playing around, not realizing what the night had conspired for us. Just when we were chatting to fun in our neighbors’ tent, an SOS from Poonam came in as a surprise…what followed was a desperate attempt by many of us to save her. In the near death experience for her, she tested our muscle to see her going through all that agony and pain…poor baby. She sure should thank me for saving her life with the proper proper well in time medication….I am waiting.

We went off to sleep in the cozy little tents, bundled in blankets while the nocturnal birds and insects did the lullaby for sure was a jungle mein mungle feeling.

(Day 2 in the next post)

Will miss you...always.

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