Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sleeping tight

Jaagen hain der tak humein, kuch aur sone do…the song quite describes the transition in my pattern. Yeh that’s right. After months of restiveness on the bed, finally I like to sleep…I am enjoying every moment of this revived activity, just want to do more of it, more often.

Like the past few days, last night too I slept at around twelvish (now that used to be like early evening for me)…but maybe last night I kinda succumbed to this movie that I was watching. Traffic Signal is the name: a movie thats irritating to the core, right from the word GO. It is just about naked children/beggars on a traffic signal with our dude, Mr. Kunal, a manager to the business at the signal. I mean we all know that beggar mafias exist, and we know that police and doctors are a party, and so there is just no need for this shabby and superficial representation which is blank on the bottom line. Someone please tell Madhur Bhandarkar that we too read newspapers and so there is no need for him to foolishly club some news stories into a movie. To top it, the movie wud test your patience with that unbearable background score (shore is the hindi word for it) and the music. Time for us to say a bye bye to Mr. Bhandarkar, or better still, he shud bid us goodbye. BTW exept when it comes to Farhan Akhtar movies, I quite seem to agree with Masand (banda ye bindaas hai), read

The only good pick in the entire last week was Cheaper by the Dozen 2. A through entertainer with Steve Martin at his ever best, the movie so beautifully paints a picture of family bonding…a scene or two did jerk my tear glands. Well tears remind me of something very interesting that I read lately: tears brought about by different emotions have a different chemical make up …isn’t that amazing?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ek aur chehra mera...

Kshitij ki tarah door, bahut door hai mann
Na uska, wo sapna, jo chahta hai use pana
Na uska, wo sach, jo rehta hai usse door
Na kshitij ka… jo na door, na paas, bus akela

You too here?

Do not want to think about the logistics, the fact that i have been able to inspire someone to land here, makes me happy. I am sure it will help put words to all those unsung emotions, blue or pink. Welcome aboard!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I saw dreams again, this time in the eyes of the 15 young candidates I met for interview.

In those 15 pair of eyes, I saw dreams: to make it big, to earn good, to travel overseas, to make their parents proud. Rejecting any in the lot was a tough job, because it was so crude to suddenly wake them up and perturb their dreams. While one wanted to support his family financially, another one wanted to make it big…the way Dhirubhai Ambani did. Sounds infantile, but have we not dreamt the same when we passed out from college.

The nervousness of the candidates reminded me of my first interview, and that was with Raj Kamal Jha, the genius behind The Blue Bedspread (read the book to believe that he is one), the book that won the 2000 Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book (Eurasia region) and was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. One look at him, and I wanted to run away. A stern and no nonsense person, his room was full of smoke… that must have been his 79th cigarette of the day. I was in my second year of college then…too early to face that man of intellect.

I could relate to the nervousness of those candidates, to the thoughts running on their mind, and more so, to their dreams. Those were my dreams 10 years back…time can place you on any side of the table, but dreams are forever.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Live your dreams

I keep repeating this in my posts, but this is something I believe in.

My belief further strengthened after I watched Guru. No point saying a word here…we already know it is superb. The movie reinstates my conviction on “Dreams”. Why I keep repeating this: yeh because all these years of my life I thought life is real, reality is life, beyond this, there is nothing. Suddenly one day I met my dream, he told me that in the one life that we have, we need to live for ourselves, we need to look for what we want. I was introduced to a new world of dreams, and exploring beyond that. This was the world where you think out of reality, think of making it happen, and that is much beyond the life that you are living.

Live your dreams, live your life and dream of doing all that you want, that you can, and all that you think, you should. F*** that something we term as routine and try and do things that you dream of….

BTW we got Mauli shaved off again, isn't he looking cute?

Wathced Salaam-e-ishq: Minus Salman Khan (who looks constipated as always), I enjoyed it thoroughly, though will not recommend it.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Baat phoolon ki

Phir chidi raat, baat phoolon ki...(remember the song)

An interesting story to share: It all began on a Valentine’s Day 12 years ago when Karuturi, a mechanical engineer, was sniffing around Bangalore for roses for his wife (how romantic). Finding none, he decided to step out of the cable business he was running and plant high-value stem roses for a living. He set up Karuturi Networks, which now processes 12 million roses annually (behind every successful man, there has to be a woman).

This Bangalore based company is now close to acquiring the Netherlands-based world’s largest producer and supplier of roses (they produce 9600 million roses annually!!) to emerge as the global leader in roses.

Country is living the days of acquisition, Tata, Birla and now this little known one from Bangalore. But unlike the other two deals which smell of money, this one radiates fragrance.

How much I love flowers. When in those years of college I was dreaming of being rich and famous, I always used to plan of getting 10 roses and 1 gerbera (I love that flower solo) delivered every morning. With time, since the richness and fame didn’t come in, the dream is lost. I hate that.

But its never too late to try to relive dreams and dream better. I love flowers but no one gives me any(are u listening). So what, I will have what I want…cross the road, bargain a bit and get my choicest collection.

This solo gerbera on my desk has given me immense pleasure since yesterday.

As for future, maybe I will bring my dreams to reality if I am rich, or maybe someone decides to plant a few stems for me…u never know.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines

It’s Valentine’s Day. And so what, at 30 I am not supposed to feel mushy mushy, say I love you, wear red. My take on that…why not. Because when was the last time you did anything like that….see it’s taking you long to remember. So today is the day. More so, we are in a country which looks for reasons to declare celebrations, so why not today.

It’s a good day to connect, express, make out, reach out to people you care for but have lost them in time. Just like Sid, thanks Sid for calling, I was really touched…off course, imagine a young, handsome business tycoon calling you early morning...the day has to be special…or has to be made special…whichever way makes you feel good.

The love of my life…mauli has a heart shaped tattoo that I made early morning from that leftover red nail paint. My way of doing something to make the day special…

My idea of a perfect valentine…me, my life, my dreams. So as me is with myself, my life is so close to me, and I am getting closer to my dreams….the day is so good, so beautiful.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's a sunday, it's a funday

Sexy is the word. The chill, the rain, the breeze that wipes off melancholy. Hey the weather is so very beautiful. Rim jhim rim jhi, rum jhum rum jhum, bheege bheege rut mein, tum hum hum tum, the beautiful song from 1942-A Love Story is so apt…listening to it and cooking chicken in the kitchen. And how can I miss the marvelous wristwatch that Ashi brought from Macy's at US and those oh-so-yum and seductive mint chocolates (dear friends reserve my share, not so dear ones finish it). God is grateful on Sundays.

But it has never rained like this in my memory…since Mauli had recently gone bald, sir mundate hi oley pade was our pun in the day. But trust me, our garden was all white with oley/hail (don’t know if the English equivalent says it correct). For someone who has lately been missing pahaad ki sardi, the day was a delight.

Look at the picture to believe that there was actually a sheet of oley in our garden and the windscreen of my first floor wala's car broke too. God i love you!

Dor: A movie worth watching

A beautiful day, so nice, so cold…so romantic. Typically these are the days when my emotions are on a high and thoughts run on my media player throughout. A solitary walk outside the house on our deep dark road and a few thoughts go rolling….I watched this movie Dor last week and a particular scene therein was fiddling with my peace during the walk.

In the movie a young widow was harassed by her mom in law but a senior lady in the family (who was a widow too) was supporting the girl. In this particular scene, the girl and the lady (the two widows) were standing in a room and her mom in law was preventing her from going out. At this, the senior lady lamented: you should not forget humanity in the proud of being with a man, because you too may be in this room one day. The mom in law stepped back and allowed the young girl to go. The emotion and thought with which this scene was executed is truly mind blowing.

A good suggestion for the weekend, watch the movie. It is a not-to-miss variety.

Friday, February 9, 2007

We love Rajdeep

CNN-IBN’s editor-in-chief, Rajdeep Sardesai has been named Impact magazine's person of the year for 2006. Good. He is one of those three men whose pictures have made it to my books and desktop. (no i am not writing about the other two). He is adorable – a delightful package of intellect, style, and charisma. The channel impresses and has all the ingredients of a perfect news channel. Congrats to the team!!

Shortcomings cannot be ignored, and that comes when you start selling your name more than your work. Amitabh and Abhishek have made it to CNN- IBN news more than anything and that is disappointing. The coverage on Nithari though is not too great. The investigations are escaping IBN cameras and reporters. A story today on the same really enraged me because they referred to the deceased girl as an ‘alleged call girl’. I mean was that even relevant...she died an uneventful death and that is it. Why do we even want to get into the details of her personal life? We cannot forget the fact that it was only because of her that the killing of those innocent souls came to light. Her family members went from pillar to post to get their complaint registered and inspite of the police atrocities, refused to give up.

We must feel gratified towards her family for fighting up the corrupt officials and today when the world is dazed by this goriest incident of the times, Mr. Reporter chooses to believe the police and do a sketch of the poor girl.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Live firangi, love desi

ICICI has started this automated ticket service system wherein u enter the bank, enter your service requirement, get a printed coupon (service number) from a machine and then wait till your no. and the counter no. where u need to move to is flashed on the screen. I was impressed. The first time I learned of this service feature was while doing the web-based training for Maybank (Malaysia). That impressed me even more since the concept appeared innovative and too kool. Experiencing it practically...well I quite liked it.

ICICI bank branch reminds me of Nirula’s. So much alike they are, both launched with an international appeal promising to bring the international flavor to their offerings and both gone down to become so desi over the years. The bank branch decked up with banners and cut outs of shahrukh khan and the gold coins quite appeared to me of some surplus from Diwali, too loud and too appalling...It is supposed to look like a bank…Isn’t it?

Same with Nirula’s, a synonym for ice creams and all the junk food that was unheard of in those days. Pizza actually to me was introduced by Nirula’s, and we used to proudly go there and say 212 to convey that we wanted their mushroom capsicum pizza, which on the menu list had the same number. With limited options and that craze to try the delicacies with firang appeal, Nirula’s indeed was a hot spot in my days of college. Today I come across customers waiting to order samosa-chola and kulchas at Nirula’s. The last time I went there, I even saw a platter with dal makhani and bhindi tadka there….hello whats that?

The bottom line…well I need to prject an upshot from my words at work…well it is just to bring home the point that with Indians, desi rules. An Indian is born Indian, tries to live firang, but in the end, dies Indian. Point made.

Dad's got a job

There are days when life stands still. Even with the breeze outside, nothing seems to move. No trees, no leaves, no strands of hair on the face, no dupatta - it is just silene everywhere, obviously replicating the silence inside. But at times it becomes difficult to know why, and there is no reason for that unknown fear, will i lose something today, suffer anything, will anything go against me, is a failure coming my way...donno. But for sure there are days when there is this absolute killing silence inside..the condition which the happening generation may define as feeling low.

Okay so i was feeling low today. Suddenly a news bangs on my mobile phone...Dad's joined today as National Rural Health Management Consultant…Wowowo! Finally this breaks the lowly feel and I am on a usual high again ready to take on the world.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Nothing lasts long....

Pleasure for sure comes from good things, and all good things are not real.

The weekend was good, days away from reality and nights so close to dreams. With mom dad around, the feeling of pleasure was so very intense. Chatting, eating out, shopping, everything so material…but pleasing. (Some thousands down on the credit limit is all it takes to be happy…really?)

Well no…it was just the touch of pleasure. The touch of dreams at night and the touch of illusory in the day…and nothing is for real, and for long. As papa was zipping my pullover in the trial room, he made me feel a kid….wish I was. “No u are not buying this…the neck is so deep...the trouser is so ill fitting….hey this looks like done for you…You need to buy this

Completely putting their heart and soul into me, they helped me choose my wardrobe to put an attempt to make me look good, they actually made me feel school-going. Nothing good lasts long with me, they have left for Sonipat….thanks ma-pa, you really pampered me to ecstasy. Will miss you!!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Pleasure to me is a relative thing…cannot see it, but feel it within. And the sources of pleasure can be innumerable- physical, mental, and emotional. Every sense of pleasure emanates in its own unique way. It can be a smile, a touch, a whimper or just a hug….even doing a paranta for Maulik is pleasure.

Pleasures also come from dreams, distant dreams…and we do experience that…we get, what we need in our dreams, from our dreams…with no touch, no smile, no hug, just a feeling that I can see what I want….and try and live the dream. Feel like thanking my dreams, they inspire, they make me love myself….and they please.

It’s a Saturday and as we be with our families, should not forget that greater pleasures come from very small acts of benevolence... make sure you do that.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

India is proud...

All the media dropouts like me who have been making bread in other industries, would have sure spend a moment every day trying to criticize media for where it is going. Times of India is creative but not quality, Aaj tak is cheap, media is getting into sensationalism…bla bla. For sure I would have been making the same mess if I was there, but the escape route is always easy….and the next step, sit back and criticize.
But I am sure for me and my friends for whom everything in black and white is bible, today is the day of worship. Tata has made it big and Times of India has complemented the big win, just the way it deserved. The front page which was a treat to the eyes speaking creativity and a style that is just so appropriate.

The headline, India on Song, Takes Corus Along so well echoes the music of the indiapoised anthem, wherein it says (I’ll do that in hindi bcoz that reads better) “Ab humein swadeshi ka nara chod kar videshi comapnio par tiranga legrana hai”…Ratan Tata has just done that and is making us all proud.

Three cheers to the man who is making us proud and to TOI for so rightfully capturing it in just the right way!!

Will miss you...always.

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