Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Art of talking...

Kirk Arnold, Vice Chair and President and Chief Executive Officer and Aurora Coya,Senior Vice President, Global Practices at Keane. Women power rules Keane and that for sure inspires.

The eloquence of Aurora at the Open House yesterday was impressive, infact more than that. Her words were spontaneous, transparent, and hardcore business. Her straightforward verbalization invited me to understand business decisions…and I felt as if I was a part of it. This is how I perceive communication: way of saying things the way audience can hear and relate too and an effective communicator is one who can step down to the level of the audience and then explain to them eye to eye.

In a place like Keane, where things like communication, expression, body language are alien, Aurora impressed me. The managers here look tired and sleepy and some of them ready to retire (not just from Keane). Sukant is the only Keanite in India who impresses the indolent, apathetic, janta at Keane. He really has mastered the art to impress with his witty and down-to earth message which does go down to everybody comfortably. Hoping people of the energy and style like Sukant and Aurora bless us often.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday musings…

Remixes are passé. This is the generation of dare to dream directors….and thus remakes. Don and Umrao Jaan: same story, different canvas. It took me some guts against the public outcry, to finally demand Don from the CD parlor. I admit…I liked it ... cinematography, performances, costumes, techno outlook and a lot more things. Accept it or not, the movie is really good, only if you stop being a part of that national campaign which says Big B jaisa koi nahi and Shahrukh we hate you because you try to give Amitabh a run for roles and money. You even stole his part in KBC…how dare you (an offended freak even called Shahrukh a prostitute in a post on IBN). We know Big B has no equal…don’t we. Even to say that Big B was better is…well foolish. I mean who in the world asked you to compare. So relax…Even Masand at IBN disappointed me with his scene to scene comparison in his review of the movie….but that guy I am sure has something against Farhaan Akhtar(he cud not appreciate Laksya too). Big B and King Khan cannot and should not be compared...if you do that, better shut up and go and watch the gibberish Priyadarshan comedies.

Umrao Jaan's failure...hmm: a mismanaged and hastily executed project, which cud have been better. I did enjoy the beautiful lady in there, she was trying to act good (i said trying). As for Bachan jr...he for sure was looking like a cut

Mauli had good fun at Aryan's B'day. Thanks mom Radhika for the yum party.

Ashi, we miss you and are waiting to hear from you.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bye Ashi..

Mauli’s bua Ashima is flown to the US this morning, her long time dream is accomplished. She always had that mettle in her, but failed to recognize it. She wanted to fly, but was never ready to open her wings, and when she did…she could fly. As I blog here, I can visualize her in the sky…flying. Congratulation dear….I will miss you!!!

Still high on patriotism as I hear Falak pakad ke utho aur hawa pagad ke chalo ( I think I caught the patriotic fever after anchoring a Republic day antakshari at Keane. It was great success and Sukant was really happy. (He is no guy next door but our very own MD). When a fellow at work Ipsita said...i was looking at you in surprise and I am really proud of you, that was it to make my day. Our team had a blast and walked away with prizes from Sukant. Wowo...

Friday, January 26, 2007

I Love My India!!!

Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, use behtar banana padta hai...RDB

Well that was rightly said. What I haven’t still understood is that is all this awakening that we witness a result of RDB, or is RDB a reflection of the same? Whatever it is, the country is rising, and it is all set to take the world in is stride. Even the modern day youth is just not a fat salary and parties, but yes there is an evident transformation and youth is ready to take charge. For sure we cannot ignore the role media is playing here. Films, literary works, sms contests, extensive news coverage, and concepts like indiapoised, india rising, citizen journalist are some of the initiatives that are there to ensure that the country is well informed and alert. Only this can lead to awakening and response, which we have for sure been witnessing from the recent past.

What better than music can move India. For all those who are proud to be an Indian and are swollen with pride every time an Indian is able to make a mark on the globe, do hear the anthem at

The generation is rising and is already on a march against corruption and injustice. I am with them…come...Join me.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bad some good news

Abby is the Star of the Month at NIIT. A ‘Mentor’ and a 'Quality' freak is what the citation reads for this 4-month old at the company. Abby we are proud of you. (so bollywoodish!!!)

Having heard me a couple of times screaming like a typical Indian home maker at the doodhwala for the quality and quantity of milk, Mauli has decided to do the check himself. As the bhaiya pours doodh, he sits there and closely observes it. When done, he gets up and reacts...Momma theek hai. Another Quality freak?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thank God it was Saturday...

It was the chilling night of Saturday when mom dad, after attending a wedding at Essex Farms, were returning home to Sonipat (not to mention how much we told them not to). A truck driver, seemingly complying with his adrenaline rush banged into dads much-loved Wagon R from the rear side. The thud was loud and lifted the car to almost half a feet. Thankfully no one was hurt. The driver and his accomplice managed to get away within seconds as dad regained breath and senses. The highway police was of some help and so were some friendly neighbors who spotted dad in the middle of some chaos and offered help. Will ignore discussing the damage to the car here…that’s trivial.

Superstitious I am not, but yes agree to believe in God. As Abby (hey blog, let me introduce him as my younger brother, friend, philosopher, and at times a guide too) just decided to vanish from the marriage party and push to his abode at CR park, he spared the back seat and thus any victim of the accident. Thank God…

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Life is beautiful

Picturesque situation: Snuggle-in Saturday, waking up at 11, eating in the bed, a long walk in the evening followed by a latest bollywood flick. A relaxed Sunday comprising an afternoon of shopping jaunt…all this ends in a nice home cooked corn pasta and gajar ka halwa. What better cud life offer…a perfect weekend for the family…Mauli taking pleasure in each moment of that extra pampering from papa….ANU is what he fondly calls his papa. Touchwood.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A day to cherish

My dream has landed. Descending from the distant land traversing through thick clouds, it is here. A dream that I never owned, but always cherished amorously in my eyes…aka my life. Had always wanted to look into the dream eye to eye, heart to heart, but it was always distant...not in heart but in distance. Dreams turn into reality…u never know, and then I may be able to meet my dream, hold it, and live it.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Confused- Me, Shilpa or the Janta

Shilpa Shetty seems to be as confused as I am. Yes, there are times when you really want to shoot the person you have an argument with. Thats how temper runs in our over stressed minds. But on second thoughts, it really feels like an outburst on both sides.

I hate people at times, so much so that feel like killing them. But the moment my temper sinks, the only thought is, "hey why did i have to do all that". Unfortunately for me, it is always my close ones who have to take all the wrath....and then a spurt of apologies follow.

Thankfully as i have not yet gained the celebrity status in life, people do not burn effigies and shout slogans, and neither does the parliament echo with empathies for me. God, why do people over react. Shilpa is a mature person and would have handled it as and how she would have pleased, but after quivering the British Parliament and causing traffic jams in Delhi, she meekly admitted that she did not mean that. So now are all the Shilpa fans burning her effigy or moving in search of another scapegoat… out for the next news bulletin.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Ever since Maulik has happened, this urge to record and share every feeling has deepened. The deluge of emotions has produced a new me: intense and conscientious. His hands clasping me, his naughty eyes, those first words he uttered, the little things that flush my eyes…emotions et al!!! Always loved to talk...but never appreciated many listeners. Looks like asceticism is giving way to excitement and adventure…and I am here. Love me, hate me…you cannot ignore me.

Will miss you...always.

1977 - 2013 As I rubbed my fingers on your face, everything was numb. My fingers, your face, our heart beat, even my emotions for...