Friday, December 14, 2012

And the legal war began...

Kuch is tarah suljhaane chali zindagi ko, ulajh ke reh gaye armaan kahin par

May, 2011

The day I submitted my first application in the women’s cell against cruelty by my husband and in-laws, a new journey had begun. Rocky roads, uneven path, no lights in sight, and unknown milestones. I knew this journey will not be pleasant, and the road would be extremely tough. But by then I had tasted the dream of liberation, respect, happiness and the best of life for Maulik. And I needed all of this. For once in life, I became greedy.

There was always a sense of fear when I used to enter the court premises. The very first day had been the worst ever. Twice, while reciting my story, I broke down. My strong determination and will seemed to ditch me everytime. They hurled abuses, called me names, and tried to rein my psyche, just like they did for the nine years I called them family. But this was a different me, alone but stronger, polite but aggressive, easy but determined. They had never seen this side of me. Neither had I.

July, 2011

By the second hearing, I knew they would have an uglier script for me.The feeling of nakedness did not go down. The dirty corridors, the paan smeared corners, the broken benches, and off course the people – everyone seemed to be looking at me, laughing at me for living through hell all these years. Are you seeing someone now? Do you plan to settle abroad? Do you plan to marry soon? No one can ever to understand why I took 9 long years to react. And we had no answer. Neither me, nor the little plants in my balcony who have heard me crying, talking to myself, cursing myself, and then empathizing. 

While they thought that this pressure was taking me down, they did not realize that I was getting more prepared to bounce. The pain was no less, but I was getting much better each day to handle it all. I was not just burning in pain, I was getting stronger.

March, 2012 
The four sessions at the women’s cell brought me to a different level of hatred and disgust. My tears have vengeance now, and they will never be able to escape. When I started this war, I just wanted to move out. But while all this was on, I have decided much more for these people I had given my nine years to. 

From sending the local cops to scare me, to asking senior IAS officers to ignore my complaints, to forcing me to compromise for the sake of my family - they tried it all. They forgot that they were fighting with not just me, but the immense strength which Papa left behind for me. They had to lose, and they are losing. 

They have money and power but I have I perseverance to pull anything through. Their gift of a scar on my forehead will always keep the fire in me burning. If I could respect them all these years and survive their brutalities, I know I can do anything. And the time to do it all has come.  


anaggh said...

Very nicely put. More strength to you. Keep writing and updating. God Bless!

Himanshu Tandon said...

Shouldn't you have added another para between March 2012 and December 2012?

You have in your journey become a source of inspiration for those who know you. You have all the support and I pray for more strength, sunshine and smiles for you.

Keep your chin up. Take care and God bless..

Shilpi Singh said...

Hey Dear,

I got a chance to read the articles f such a brave lady.It was disheartening for me to read about what had actually happened with u.U bore mental n physical trauma at the hands ur husband n in-laws.A girl deserves respect n love and not what u hv got instead... I salute u!! to have taken a stand against such tyranny n for showcasing ur strength to this male chauvinistic society. May god bless u n ur kid....May he showers his immense blessing on cr

I vil also b settling down soon wid a person whom I m in love against my parents wishes. But this terror f adjusting in a totally new environment is killing me every day. I just hope n pray to lord for d best in d coming years..