Saturday, March 13, 2010

My dream

I see him...lying on the road, wearing the same floral print blanket that he was wearing to the crematorium. I see police men emptying his pockets. 9 kms away from sonipat, I see papa waiting to be identified, and an ambulance on its way to bring him to his workplace, the civil hospital. I see it all the time, a dream visible to my open eyes.

Civil hospital - a place where he did, what no one ever did – extended help to anyone and everyone who needed him and had the audacity to rebuke his friends on the face if they ever went wrong . A man of words and principles, an accomplished person and a renowned professional.

Papa always said, “You should do what’s right, never reprobate your character for someone’s mistake”. I never ever thought I was capable of that. But today I think I am and I can. Yes, I can forgive the one who caused papa’s death, and the one who is responsible for Anuj’s condition. The jolts of life are making me a better person. Or maybe not, but I am trying for sure.

Help me papa.

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