Saturday, March 13, 2010

The circle of life

While mom spent more than 20 days on the 3rd floor of Metro hospital, Anuj is on the 1st floor at Paras. So here at Paras, I often press 3 instead of 1, to go to the ICU and land up at the maternity center of the hospital.

Maternity Center, 3rd floor - A place where life is proliferating. Giggles, lullaby and laughter…something that for sure is not for me. I Press 1 and the gloom again. The neurosurgery ICU - all patients waiting to meet their relatives, some would never be able to.

And here I see the game. From floor 1 to 3, life takes a full circle. It dies out at one place and multiplies at the other. Hmm, the lesson of life and death needs no instructor. I am learning it the hard way.

I am losing it. Death and pain has become so proximate. Hospital looks like second home. Suddenly it all looks staged...after all I am not a monster to deserve this. Or maybe, I need to be a better person.

Papa, calling for help.

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