Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai hostage crisis nears end

Its been 26 hours and Mumbai is still under attack. While the situation in the city is improving, the hostage drama at Taj and Oberoi still seems to be on. The day saw an increase in the number of dead, including 7 foreign nationals. The wife and 3 children of the GM, Taj were also killed in the hotel.

As media battles time and terror, Advani tries to strike the right note with his (untimely) visit. There will be politics, there will be more drama, and their will be political statements in the days to come. That being reality shall remain, the victims and the martyrs shall soon be forgotten -unless we pledge to make some noise.

Mumbai is burning - Part 2, worst ever terror attack

As I type and watch, I see blood, I hear gun shots. The last two hours of Mayhem in the financial capital of our country has left 25 dead, panic, confusion, terror, chaos, confusion and a lot more. CNN-IBN's reporter, Toral Varia got caught into mid of gunshots. Studio asks her to get to a safe place first.

While ministers plan and decide, terrorists are moving on the roads of the city, firing indiscriminately. Two of them even fired in Cama hospital. As I watch the reporting, I see people in the background running helter skelter and I see one person dropping with a gun shot right there in broad view. The ATS chief Hemant Karkare too is hit by a bullet.

A terrorist firing with AK-47 at the CST station

People being rushed into vans being taken to the hospital, some of them lifted like cattle…all this and more happening right there on the streets of Mumbai as we all adjust our blankets to sleep – just as we always do. Afterall, tragedy is not mine until it knocks my door. They say Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. After what it has witnessed today, it never will.

It all started sometime after 9 pm. It is 2 am, and it is still on. I am tired, but the terrorists are not. They are prepared, we never are. We are tired, they never are. The country is in shame, the heart of the country is at the mercy of some lunatics. Taj is on fire, there is firing in Mariott, there are hostages in Oberoi, a blast in Oberoi, boat with explosives found at gateway – even the Chief Minister has shamelessly admitted that things are going out of control.

It’s everywhere, the most organized terror attack in the country. The police is baffled with the magnitude and continuous nature of this blast. So am I - death toll reaches 80 and the number of injured crosses 200 - mindless violence everywhere. Twitter tells me that a lot of people in South Mumbai are held up and cannot move home as there are gun shots all over and around the area.

Guys we have bombs under our as**s. Will we STAND UP? CONGRESS, BJP, JD - are you hearing. The terrorists are here, right in our face. They are desperate to do what they wanted to. We maybe tired typing, they are not. They are prepared, we never are. As I watch, I see it becoming gory…blood on the streets. I can type no more…this seems to be never ending. The city is under attack… and we have lost many heroes already - the ATS chief Hemant Karkare, ACP Ashok Kamte and Encounter specialist Vijay Saluskar dead. What is the city coming too?
The worst image that none of us could have ever seen in the worst of our dreams, the dome of Taj Mumbai on fire...terrorists having taken over the city. God bless.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumbai Under Craziest Ever Terror Attack - Part 1

They are back, once again in Mumbai. The terrorists, as the police says, are carrying out a unique fidayeen attack at this time while I am wrting this blog. After indescrimainate firing in about 8-10 places in the city of Mumbai, they are now holed up in Taj and Oberoi, the most well known premium hotels of the city. There are various casualities reported from the hotel.

As news of the blasts come from three places, the police and ATS is in quick action. While the VT station and Oberoi have been cordoned off, there are reports of more than 7 people dead. Panic grips the city and a lot of panic tweets are being exchanged at twitter.

There is pain and there is confusion all over. There are gun shots, there are blasts and there is blood all over. As the IBN reporter talks about earlier blasts, we hear some more gun shots in her background infron of tsome JJ college. This sporadic firing acoss various parts of south Mumbai has shaken us all from our sleep .

As I type, I hear that more than 20 people have died, including one foreign nationale. The lobby at Oberoi is at fire and so is a Bharat Petroleum depot. The petroleum depot has been blown up by a granade attack. The worst evening that Mumbai has ever seen. While police is requesting Mumbaikars to stay indoors, ministers are meeting to plan the next course of action.

Looks like there are more than 15 teams of terrorists - a modus operandi which shows the desperation of these criminals to do what they want to. Dadar station, Oberoi hotel, Taj Hotel, VT station, BP petrol pump, Metro station, Leopala Hotel..they are everywhere, well planned, determined...

While i get tired typing, this does not seem to stop, donno whats happening...all i see is blood, all i hear is gun shots....its a bloody night for Mumbai. God bless us, end this mayhem.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama is No. 1

While the media giants proudly announced their No. 1 positions today, Obama is the one who clearly emerged No.1 everwhere. Obama brought cheers and tears to an overwhelmed country when he said - "It's been a long time coming. But tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America," . The ecstasy was all over - in the newspapers, on TV, and in the online world. Blogs from around the world are reading excitement. A delighted blogger pens,"We turned the corner here in the United States! We did the right thing and we’ll all be better for it!"

While bloggers around the world are already debating what Obama can, and will do, I shall say my thoughts in AP's Walter Mears' words: "Audacity won. Now Barack Obama must validate the hope and deliver the change he promised. He's already changed America by becoming the first black man to win the White House. His challenge is to change the course of its government and guide it through hard times and past the financial crisis he inherits as he takes office."

All we can say is - MU-BARACK OBAMA and ALL the BEST.

Will miss you...always.

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