Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long time...

It is always good, interesting, little pleasing things in life that bring me here to blog. Always thought that i will have more time to spend here here when office moves to Gurgaon. But now, back in Gurgaon I still am gasping for some time. Work life is hectic and at home, every time Windows displays welcome, Maulik jumps on it to play his favourite Monkey-wali-game. So as the laptop is usually kept safe in the bag pack and with the desktop busy playing movies, I am left with no tools. My words, I comfortably chew and finish in my mind. I guess the typewriter days were better.

No I am not busy. Comfortable office hours and an hour of gyming brings me home very much in time to take little Maulik to the park…something that was missing for some time. The mornings too are not a rush - I have finally been able to use some of the bath accessories that were nearing expiry. With momma taking him through the morning chores, Mauli looks a happier kid.

The needs and wants never end, and never should. But yes, the certain amount of peace that nearness to office has given, is amazing.

I'm loving it.

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