Saturday, August 30, 2008

He did it again!!!

His first prize came when he was two. Judged as the most friendly baby at Mother’s pride and the “Sunny Smile baby” 3 months later, Maulik was getting home certificates at an age when I would shudder at the thought of reciting a poem to my uncles and aunts.

For him, this time it was a bigger platform. Dressed as Hanuman, his very own Superhero, he won a third prize at the Inter-school fancy dress competition. His dialogues were not easy, but he did pracice a 1000 times. Finally with butterflies in the tummy, he was able to emit all those memorized lines “Lanka ko jala ke aaonga, Dushman ko mar gira doonga, Sita ko bacha kar laoonga, Ram bhakt kehlaoonga. Jai shree ram!!!

It was’nt easy and we really felt it was little too much for him to remember all that…but everything for limelight. He did it. Back home the next day, swelling with pride, he was telling us about how the Director mam came to his classroom and asked all the babies (that’s how he refers to his classmates) to clap for him. The chocolates that she presented at that time had little meaning. It was the appreciation and acknowledgement that elated him.

Will not say keep it up Maulik. Stay happy kid.

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