Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back again...

Not that life was devoid of any excitement, it wasn't. But it had also loaded me with countless responsibilities, both at the office and home front. Even the 18 + hours in the day seemed insufficient and everything has been taking toll on me and my time – almost literally.

A flashback and recording of all that I travelled through in the past few weeks-

Holi was good. Masi and family doubled the fun. Awesome masti, and the day ended with a dinner at Murthal. The price for all this - the next day came with shock – my maid refused to come back (never!!!) from her chutti. With Maulik in Sonipat and us at Gurgaon, the days that followed were not so good. A week later, came a nice lunch at Veda (CP) with Mom, Dad and Abby. This was a good bye treat for Abby and a welcome thing for my little angel. It rained, in emotion and otherwise. Maulik was back to Gurgaon. A new maid followed soon. Wish me luck.

Abby left for Seattle on the 10th night. Amidst all the confusion and madness at the airport, all of us managed to get emotional. This time it was Maulik crying and hugging Abby – Mein maamu ke saath US jaaonga. Finally we convinced him that once he has his papers to show to the guys there, he can follow Abby. Mauli agreed to show his Amiown (his school) papers the next day and take off. Bye Abby, hoping you have a rocking time.

The 24th of April was special. It was a hawan at Amiown. We were as thrilled as he was. Not to miss that he thoroughly enjoyed the ceremonies and seemed to like the vibrant and flashy school building. Everything, except Mr. Chauhan’s (the chairperson) long, ill-witted, na├»ve and advertisement-sounding speech, was good. Even the ladoos were delicious.

Yesterday was Mauli's first day at school. When we went to pick him up, the puppy look on his face when he sobbed and said, "mummy app mujhe chod kar kyoon chale gaye they", is a moment i will never forget. Bless him.

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