Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is God on vacation?

I shivered at the sight of a canula in this little boy’s wrist. It pains, I know. When the long and merciless needle was poked into it, all I heard was a dim sound of pain. I opened my eyes to see this barely 4 year old smiling and looking at his dad’s pale face: dekha mujhe dard nahi hota. I couldn’t control myself and gave him a pat. Brave boy, I thought. His dad was telling the attendant that the boy has been down with high fever since last 5 days.

The waiting room at the hospital was unusually busy. Looks like the world is down with viral. Even the horrific stories of Sajay ji’s (at office) niece that I hear, are painful. The 7 year old was recently operated for an intestinal infection. The infection, the doctors said, was a result of consistent high fever. Vicky’s son too is not recovering from congestion and fever - the angel has been suffering from the past 9 days.

The little ones for sure do not deserve this. God, it’s time for you to come back from your vacation. Are you listening?


Anonymous said...

God is back from vacations, when are you? Well 10K is in your kitty now. Get back to this place now.

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Ipsi said...

Mauli is sure a brave boy to witstand all that pain. Pray for a speedy recovery! Don't worry God is listening and I am sure that by now the viral bout must have subsided.