Saturday, February 2, 2008

Induction Program

Almost after spending an year at NIIT, I got a mail that my nomination for induction program was accepted and I could join the immediate next batch. In a company which believes in throwing people in deep waters to teach them swimming, spending an year meant learning the A-Z of everything. Well I seriously thought most of the induction programs were just an eye wash and were there only because they were there. But today I disagree.

When I entered the lift from the 10th floor today evening, there were two liftmen (I thought so from their uniform). Before I could start to think why there was an extra liftman, I heard one of them whispering to the other, “this mam always comes to the 10th floor, but not all the people go to the same floor everyday”. He went on, “a few more days and you will know who climbs to which floor and also the people for whom you should hold the lift if you see them getting down the car. You must also make sure that you hold the lift for all women, just as I did”. The new liftman was constantly nodding, looking a bit hassled with information overload. The instructor again began, “initially all this may look difficult, but majboori teaches you everything. You work hard and make no mistakes, they will soon make you permanent.”

As we were approaching the ground, the instructor concluded, “You have almost learned everything in your first day of training. Tomorrow maybe I will teach you how to respond when the lift gets stuck, you really need to know what to do in such a case.” The new liftman’s eyes brightened here, “I know in that case we can press the phone button on the board and talk to the controls guys”, he said. Little did the boy knew that HT lifts are of the most pracheen version and have no phone button and calling facility. Pat came the trainers reply, “What phone button? Do you see a phone button here. There can never be a phone in the lifts, don’t assume things. Come in time tomorrow and I'll teach you how to ring the alarm bell and what to do further”.

This induction session, I thought, was really purposeful.

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Sachin Arya said...

Knack of finding story outta situations....

HT ki vibes hai ya kuch aur??

Very Nicely written....