Monday, February 18, 2008

Bye Bye Appu Ghar

Delhi cannot forget Appu Ghar. In the days when malls and multiplexes were only a plan on paper, Appu Ghar was our most dependable source of entertainment. The place wasn't just fun for the kids, Appu has given moments of fun to everyone who has ever been there. From kids having unlimited masti, people hogging on gol gappas and chat papadi, to love birds finding a reason to hold each other on the rides, Appu has seen it all. If your love blossomed with visits to the Appu ghar, you sure wouldn’t have missed getting the name of your sweetheart engraved on the rice grain. My very favorite Appu Ghar rides were ‘my fair lady’ and ‘columbus’, though even the car racing and 3D movie used to be exciting. How much I wish Maulik could have seen the place.

The 24 year old Appu Ghar has to go and no reason that the government is offering for the same, can justify. Even if i try hard, I actually cannot recall the number of times I have been to Appu Ghar. With mom-dad, with friends, with Anuj, the same happiness has resounded with all. With government trying hard to balance population with infrastructure development, Delhi already is losing its shine. With Appu Ghar gone, there will be an ugly patch forever.

Appu Ghar had kept the memories of our APPU alive. Appu, the mascot for the Asian Games, got its name from a baby elephant called Kutti. We will as much miss Appu, as the Appu Ghar. Thank You Appu Ghar for all that fun and galore. We will miss you.

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Ravi said...

Hi there!

Just wanna's a beautiful article, mam :)

It made me nostalgic and brought back all those fond memories of childhood...when my dad used to take us to appu ghar, every alternate sunday.

Its indeed sad that we don't have appu among us anymore...however, the memories will live on..

You write very well, mam. I've added your blog to my Google Reader and now onwards, I'll be a regular reader of your content :)

Maybe..I'll learn something good, every time I read..what you write!

Take care :)

Ravi (random wanderer on the web)