Thursday, January 31, 2008

CNN IBN Awards

Sreedharan is CNN IBN Indian of the year. He also won an award in the public service category. The man has done great job by breaking through bureaucratic red tape and making the metro plan come alive on time and within budget. While I have my due respect and appreciation for his contribution in trying to make sadi Dilli better, I really feel the Kousalya who is fighting for the cause of HIV positive patients could have been a better choice for the public service category. Sreedharan has got his share of awards and is on a platform where people know and respect his contribution. But this less known lady from south would have felt motivated if the award was conferred on her.

Now something funny and more interesting about the awards - our very own Shilpa Shetty was one of the nominations for….hold your heart...CNN IBN Indian of the year. Ha ha ha!!! Well was it for her flop musical, the abuses that Miss Goody blessed her with (they indeed led her to the journey of fame), her link up with the UK industrialist, or her hour glass figure…please tell me WHY? But yes, her good looks (read as tummy) does deserve an award.

R K Laxman was give CNN IBN Lifetime Achievement award. The man was inconsolable. The face of common man that Laxman created, never spoke in is cartoons - and neither did Laxman on that day. He would break down every time he was asked to speak. Even Mr A P J Abdul Kalam’s hug did not help. Finally his wife took over and thanked everyone for the award. She also requested the audience to excuse him for being so sensitive(sho shweet). Well yes, the guy did remind me of my dad. I have seen him getting too emotional when being falicitated, so much so that he is hardly able to swallow his tears and speak.

Mr Laxman, congratulations. Sir, we love you.


Ipsi said...

This is what I will do...I am going to make baxishweta's blog a one-stop destination for current events. Give me one good reason why I should bother checking the CNN-IBN site? (:) still standing and with all due respect for RS)

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