Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Maid Mania

Ever since Lalita has left, we really have gone through a bad time….when I say bad, I mean getting up at 5 in the morning to manage the household chores and then reach home to continue doing the same. But the biggest issue (I hate to consider it an issue) was finding a safe haven for Maulik. From sending my bebu to Nani’s house, to finding a day care, to Anuj’s working in night shifts to ensure that he is around in the day… we tried everything. The Maid Agency, who already had extracted the yearly commission from us before Lalita had left, was now taking us for a ride. The maids that he provided thereafter were samples that I can never forget in my life.

Chanchali: On the second day of her arrival, she told me that she wanted a stop gap arrangement for a month as her husband would be taking her away after that. Since she only had to let the month pass, she never was interested in doing anything and ultimately chilled out for a month and left.

Kusha: She didn’t know Hindi. Neither did she knew English. I donno Nepalese. The only Nepalese I understand is taatu (hot) and the only Hindi she knew was haanji. I started experiencing hair fall and we asked her to leave.

Priya: At 16, she was a head turner…and she knew it. She thought we probably needed her to adorn our dull interiors. The household jhaadu-pocha jobs were beyond her. The day we were taking her back to the agency, she refused to sit in the front seat with the driver. Oops!!

Pooja: Smart kid she was…too smart for us to handle. Her sexy low waist jeans and high neck sweaters complemented her bindaas outlook. She was perfect in almost everything she would do, but she would hardly get time…thanks to Ekta Kapoor. Most of the time she was on her bed, popping combiflams, as she was hurt during a hide-n-seek game with Maulik. She would watch the K serials back to back. She threatened the dhobi, the kudewala, the sabjiwala of dire consequences if they do not turn up on time. Her 20 gutka packets a day were a pain, as much as her referring to maulik as jaan. But our patience levels were high by then. So much so that we even tolerated her cigarettes. But the last straw was a complaint by the dhobi that she had been demanding a bottle of desi daaru from him. That was her last day with us. Later, we recovered 7 combiflams from under her mattress.

Aunty Ji: Very scared of the young Nepalese janta, this time we managed to find a 38 year old. Day 1 of her services she told me that her age would not permit her for doing laundry. Day 2 she declared that she cannot clean bathrooms because she has never done the same. Dressed up with sophistication in a pinned up sari, she was a good change. While I was washing precisely 54 clothes, she was nicely sitting with Maulik and teaching mannerism…chalo at least Maulik has a decent company, I thought. But Mauli dear wasn’t ready for all that seriousness in life. Day 3, she complaint about Mauli’s naughtiness!!! It took me 2 seconds to say bye bye.

An FIR against the agent and then search and research for the new options. Now we finally have Rupa with us. A chatter box that she is, this bong is giving Maulik the perfect company. Is she here to stay….only time will tell.

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Ipsi said...

Dear God, in heaven's name, I can't imagine the ordeal that you have gone through. I think you withstood all that s**t with a smile on a face. I can't help but adore your writing skills, although, it seems to be quite a horror story for working moms. Loved reading every sentence in this post! Man where do you get that sense of humor from?