Thursday, January 31, 2008

Champu gets Padamshree...

I always thought Rajdeep is the best journalist we have in the country. Though he could never be the janta’s favorite like Barkha, he indeed is the best when it ccomes to analysis, presentation, and grilling politicians. The aggressiveness in him coupled with his intelligent sarcasm.…well I can go on and on. There are many people who dislike his aggressiveness, but i really feel all that aggressiveness comes naturally coz of the innate passion in him. I quite like it (read as him).

And now the big news, specially for all his critics at Keane - Rajdeep is the proud recepient of a Padamshree. The honor has also been conferred on Barkha Dutta. Ms. Dutt, though not my personal favorite, has all the courage it takes to be there and do that.

Congratulations Rajdeep. Congratulations Barkha. Thanks for taking journalism to new heights.

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