Monday, January 14, 2008

Me has reached HT Media

Mom dad always used to say that it is very important to dream big. Hard work and commitment, they would say, can really take you high. It indeed worked for me. I am on the 10th floor (thats high) of HT House. My dream has come true from the rear side (the front door enters Hindustan Times, the newspaper office, while the rear door takes me to HT Internet Initiative).

I am feeling good. In the hustle bustle of CP, nostalgia is taking over. The view from my window is …can I say wow. Colorful people, commotion, traffic, high risers – in the newness of Gurgaon I missed all this. In Gurgaon everyone looked rich and everything is so hep...i somehow missed real life and action. Here everything is so real - the struggle, the mad rush, the delhi…. Hey Delhi, i am here.

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