Friday, August 31, 2007

The Sonipat Trip

The ping pong ( between my two avid readers has instigated me to write. Write again. Return from this long long break. Guys I am back. Wasn’t in a hidey-hole. I was visiting my parents at Sonipat....and experiencing ultimate prasannata. Mauli had a gala time with nana nani and enjoyed their time and attention. The evening ghoomi ghoomi sessions (outings) were as much a delight to him, as they were to his mom. I love to stay rooted, wish i was still at Sonipat, with Mauli getting his share of pampering from nana nani, and me having someone to fall back on - when the going gets touch.

Feels good on the chaarpai - with nani at kakroi village

Sunday morning was a religious reunion. All in the family performed a hawan together...afterall there was motivation for the same - N number of gifts that we received. Thanks mom dad for everything, especially the lovely Topaz. Afternoon too was packed with fun. The IMA (Indian Medical Association) get-together in a guest house in the midst of kakroi village was ultimate. Buffaloes, a small canal in the vicinity, little huts with khaats to rest on, golagappas, chat papadi, pakodas, and ghewar to savor, men applying mehandi, swings suspended from the trees….oh God I loved it.

Monday was a day spend on the streets - freaked out in the local market (umm the pleasures of the small town market, the bante waali nimbu lemon, the roadside khaana). Small town markets still wear that festive spirit for local festivals. The market was abuzz with colorful gifts and at the end of the day, my wallet was lighter by a kilo.

On Tuesday, the journey to my nani’s place in Indrapuram was fun indeed. It was Rakhi, and as always, we were witnessing (and having fun at the expense of) all the behane with all the jhatak matak, dressed up for the occasion. At Indrapuran it was a happy, but emotional reunion...meeting up with Nani…God cure her of all the pain.

Life cannot be all fun. Mauli had an upset stomach and the evening went down potty cleaning. Poor baby. Wednesday morning saw me back at work after the Taxi wala drove me to office from Patparganj in a record 3 hours only to be able to charge me for that long ride along munirka, vasant kunj, vasant vihar, mahipalpur (it looked like a delhi darshan trip). While quietly speeding and missing the Chirag delhi and Essex farm turn for Gurgaon and taking we way too ahead, little did he realize that it will not be an easy game with me. It pays to stay informed and hold on to your assertiveness (aggressiveness). After a verbal bashing from me, the bechara driver had no words to argue after I handed him an amount much lesser than the exorbitant amount he asked for, with a loud warning “dobaara kisi lady ko aise pagal banana ki koshish mat karna”. Alls well that ends well.


Hill Goat said...

Please specify if Topaz meant a set of shaving blades (ouchhhh!) or the subsidiary stone for pukhraj. Bth, you must know that Pukhraj or Topaz is worn by people who want to strengthen Jupitar in their natal chart. More on that later if you bring about your birthchart.

Nick Halden said...

Sonipat a nice place to visit. I have been there a couple of times. I always had a great time there since there are numerous places to visit in Sonipat that cab be explored.