Friday, August 10, 2007

Kudos to you Sagarika

I have never liked Sagarika Ghosh too much. Only two reasons why I still watch Face the Nation: her aggressiveness and the fact that she happens to be Rajdeep’s wife. The same reason inspired me to read her book Blind Faith....but that really did not go well. Though I enjoyed the book and the style, I totally disliked the depiction of certain characters and the plot. But there are some very fine pages of writing. But every time I see this woman… (Jealousy thy name!!)

Sagarika impressed me yesterday in Face the Nation. In a debate on whether the critics of Islam are victimized by their own community, the lady grilled Owaisi, the MLA belonging to Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen party, for physically attacking Taslima Nasreem during a press conference. Nafisa Ali too was on air, criticizing this confused party leader and telling him that Muslim community is defamed because of leaders like him. Owaisi was literally baffled when Sagarika hit him by saying that if he thinks the attack on Tasleema is justified, what makes him say or feel that the attack on Barbari Masjid was not the right thing. (I think the channel later felt it was too blunt and slap-on-the-face thing to say - that part of the discussion is missing in the online transcript). Rightly said Sagarika, if it is justified for religious fanatics to take the mob way, the Barabri Masjid attack can also be termed as one in the interest of the Hindu religion. The lady seriously lost her calm when the MLA repeatedly kept saying that he did try to attack the novelist but that was not physical violence. She also intelligently brought in the fact about Mr. M F Hussain, who in my opinion is almost done with his creativity and trying out with doing funny things - nude paintings and irritating movies – to attract attention. For more on this debate, do check out

Ironically, some of these community leaders were up in arms last week to protect the suspected terrorist Mr. Haneef, the same set of people today want to physically hurt a woman, who has just expressed herself in writing. Due respect to the Muslim populace of our country, these freaks are just defaming the beautiful religion of Islam.


Anonymous said...

Agree completly with the guy's fanatiscm. But what's the surety that Taslima is also not acting in way to gain publicity and not become another Lord Salman Rushdie?

The only thing strikes me is free countries (I mean where there is freedom of speech..India, US, UK...) give people like this platform to be successful and actually screw these countries only.

Who gave her right to come to our country, yap on the vagaries ....what difference she has made in B'desh?

Well nothing against her, but this whole cult or rather aspiration to become famous without actually doing work at grassroot level, shows our true human tendency.

Hill Goat said...

I dont think this blogpost ever mentioned Nasreen as a great writer or a champion of women cause. What this post does mention though is that physical attack on something that doesn't suit your moral priciples is not done in a democracy. I think, this was in praise of Sagarika, if anyone... unless you saw something between the lines
"beautiful religion Islam"?? Hullo? When has any religion become beautiful? all religons, including Marxism, are crap; they bring about intolerance, hatred and exploitation of the weak.

Anonymous said...

@Hill goat

I was inline with the real intent and never challenged the writer's thought process. I appreciate, as always, of her thinking and concern.

But if you had read my last paragraph, I was against the denigration of media, by its very own creators, these days. It is not easy to see, inspite of media penetration almost everywhere, some genuine media folks. And for some reasons, which I poltically feel incorrect to mention here, this appears to be another case of media mis-use by ... (am sure blogger understands to whom I am pointing (yes you are right too in your thoughts that it is in praise of Sagarika, and am also not against her)

btw, you spelled Shweta wrongly :-)

SBT said...
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SBT said...

@anonymous: I understand the point that you are trying to make. The only difference is that i strongly feel that whatever said and done, we have no write to question an artist's creativity, unless it is actually propagating violence and unethical thinking in any way, which is surely not anything that Taslima intents to do. And thanks for appreciating my thinking and concern.

@hill goat: You are right. It was more about appreciating Sagarika for handling the issue. And i really feel all religions are beautiful. I am a religious person myself and that, in no way teaches me too be intolerant. From religion, i have personally learned to stick to all the little goodness in life. Common we all know how religion in every context is misquoted and mis-utilized.

Hill Goat said...

I hate a ping-pong match between commentators but this time I am loving it.
@ SHWETA, due apologies for the typos, chief; never realised your visitors can be so unforgiving. I wish I had a spell-check to take care of the friends' spellings too.

@ Anonymous
Guruji, please realise that there is no word in English diction as "poltically", though it does sound close to "politically".

Okya oaky okoy, that was just for the effects. I did notice the smiley at the end of your reminder and I laughed at mysefl too. I agree with your views. Frankly it wasn't your view but the INTENSITY of it which got my goat. Sorry, if it pinched.
Let the good humour prevail over the net.

Anonymous said...

@ Shweta

Please write some other blog so that we play another game over there. The comments on this one are increasing, but with no real content, or is it that we have scared you too much so as to pen down anything more :-)

@hill goat

Apologies accepted boss. Score 1-0 in my favour, until another blog ha ha ha. Take it easy mate.

btw 'mysefl' was again spelt wrong Mr Editor. Looks like my spell check is only ON, everything else is...