Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chak De India I

SRK is best - only when he forgets he is SRK. The last time it was in Swades and this time its for Chak De India. A good movie, engrossing, entertaining, its strength in its perfect pace and editing, not too much of SRK and his dialogues. The story (there hardly is any story) is said in a perfectly tight and no-nonsense way.

The underlying points that were beautifully depicted: women power can rule...only the first step is difficult, media can make and break, politics and bureaucracy is killing sports in the country, and the biggest lesson Stand United.

Aaj Tak was so real. The movie has an Aaj Tak reporter who accuses SRK of match fixing only because he gets irritated on his insane, Aaj Tak like questions. This is so real….just don’t understand why Aaj Tak wanted to make fool of itself in the movie.

An enjoyable flick…the winning goal for India did make the multiplex crowd clap in unison. The little thing to say…we are Indians, and we haven’t forgotten this.

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Ipsi said...

I found substance (at so many levels), I found unity in diversity (communalism dealt well with subtle undertone), and I found dare. Can't imagine King Khan daring to do away with the Bollywood SRk-isms and emerging as an evolved actor, which he is, by the way, but maybe apprehends to venture into. Don't you think he should dabble more often in such roles? The gals kept me biting my nails till the finishing line. The scriptwriter did a fabulous job coz' the punchlines were too good to be true! Kudos, kudos, and more kudos to the director who I think is hell bent upon in giving us the value for money. Remember Ab tak chappan? I want to write more but I can see myself taking a lot of space...Shweta, hope you won't mind the jabber in this case, coz' I am nodding along with you.