Monday, July 9, 2007

Gosh..its a girl

Written on 6th July

Last week the incredible headlines that zapped me and flashed continuously on the 24/7 hindi news channels - “kalyug ki maa / kaatil maa”, the context – a mother in a Andhra Pradesh village had packed and chucked her 2 day old girl in a trunk. The baby was rescued and saved by a Samaritan.

Picture this: My sister in law went for a sex determination check and then got an abortion done as the report read that she was carrying a girl child.

Scene 2: The kids (a 3 year old daughter and a 6 month old son) of my neighbor on the first floor shout papa papa on the top of their voice seeing their dad’s car approaching. As the dad gets down from the car, he rushes to take the son in his arms and kisses him, while the girl stands there shouting papa mujhe bhi, mujhe bhi, to which the dad replies beta papa office se thak kar aaye hain.

I frankly do not see an inch of difference in the three scenes. The poor lady had just wanted to save her daughter from the poverty inflicted ordeal that she had to go through. In the second case, for sure bhabhi did want to save herself from the ire of the in-laws after giving birth to a second daughter. The third case…well to the guy, loving his son more than the daughter comes naturally…he has seen his parents doting him ever since he has been blessed with the son.

The point that I am trying to make with my jumbled words and confused thoughts - its in us, in the system, in the country….name it poverty, call it female feticide, or label it the girl boy divide…even the mall capital of the country suffers from it…so donno if even education is helping.

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