Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What a Shame

With Gym taking a backstage, my evenings are largely on the mercy of the dozen news channels. That’s a disadvantage if you have not developed a taste (mis-taste) for the saas bahu serials. But the last few days of association with the TV has only been a source of agony and desperation. Picture this from yesterday:

Zee News: Bus ran over a cyclist in west Delhi.

Total TV: Two guys in a car almost hit a pedestrian and later whipped on his legs with a wooden log only to hide their shame.

IBN7: A bunch of motorists were over speeding and troubling others on the road near Connaught Place. While policemen decided to be silent onlookers, the media persons who tried to capture the hooligans on camera were beaten up.

CNN IBN: A 10-year old was run over by eve teasers and is undergoing treatment in a Mumbai hospital. The little girl had a near death experience under the wheels of a jeep driven by an eve teaser.

The evening became rather sad after I saw this little girl. The pretty angel was holding her dad’s hand, crying in pain. Someone with even the heart of an iron would have melted to see that, for someone who has a little daughter...i am sure would have had been in shivers. And then the thought: afterall the people who have done this are also human beings, human beings without a heart(?)...born to filthy rich parents, devoid of all the good teachings, sanskaars in life. The accused is a 22 year old boy…don’t know much about him but I wonder what made this guy grow up to become a monster…and coming to think that people like these will be the future of our planet. I feel like wrapping my kiddo in a cotton roll and keeping him in where nothing, no evil, no monster like people, nothing touches him. But it’s only a matter of time and he will need exposure to the big bad (rightly called so) world. I am scared…I really am.

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Anonymous said...

When the report "http://www.mumbaimirror.com/net/mmpaper.aspx?page=article§id=2&contentid=200707250254084531d17f7fd"

itself shivers us, can't imagine the plight of the girl, trauma of the family.

The culprit, how coolly he gives interviews, sends roses...how inhuman can he be. He still expects forgiveness.

Let's see how media helps this to be resolved, or it again becomes one of those never end court-saga's.

Whatever may be the outcome, May God give courage and strength to the little girl. May she recovers quickly, physically and mentally. May God give her family the courage to face this situation bravely and with dignity.