Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm back

From one post a week to this post after almost a month….life is getting busier, or can I say I am turning into a lazy bum. No gym, no walks, not even visits to the park…it’s me searching for the sleep and sleep.

The hot month of June brought in little good things…Anuj’s little achievement at work and my first ever camping tour (with Maulik!!!). Ever since I have returned, my bones crack at the mere mention of walking, my head constantly needs a pillow support, my tummy wants to save the churning job and am living on gheeya and torayi.

But all in all, the month that heard everyone talking about global warming and Indians measuring it with the disappearing lingam at Amarnath, was generous to me.

On the 22nd of June, the GSE team at office launched for a trip to Camp Bodhisatva, a camping site near Rajgarh in Himachal. I was the most excited traveller as Maulik and Mansha (Poonam’s daughter who played maulik’s counterpart) too were a part of this adventure trip. The ride from Gurgaon office to Bodhisatva was cool in that super–deluxe bus with amazing features: the headlights go off when the AC is switched on, the AC goes off if the horn and indicator are put to use, only the fans on the left are functional and that too when the AC and the headlights are switched off. Ab jaan hai to jahaan hai…we decided to put off the AC and have the headlights on. The dinner break at Sukhdev ka dhaba at Murthal was yum. Me-mauli had a sleepless night watching everyone except Amandeep (the Punjab ka puttar to the core) retiring in the push back seats. The morning tea near Solan was our first brush with mountains and I was already humming “yeh hasin waadiyaan, ye khula aasman…”

Bodhisatva was 10 tents, strategically located to enjoy the neighborhood of mountains, fruit laden trees, birds, a vivacious stream….what else could one ask for…my lungs were breathing healthy. As me and Poonam shared the tent, Maulik and Mansha started to discover friendship. The Saturday morning at the camp, after a scrumptious breakfast looked just perfect to retire to the bed….but Rohit (our instructor at the camp…a pleasing, decent guy who really took good care of us) had different plans for us. Weighing a little less than 100 kilos, I was rope walking, crossing the bridge…doing things that I really thought I was not capable of. Thanks to the team, especially Harsha, Nilesh, Neha, Supriya, and Gaurav for giving me the much needed break from Maulik….guys you were great help. Thanks. And how can I not thank Rohit for bearing the weight of Maulik and his mom (now that deserves a weighty thanks.... Thank you Rohit).

Day 1 ended with music and masti around the bonfire and finger licking snacks and dinner. While the enthusiasts went for a night trek, me and mauli had a nice time playing around, not realizing what the night had conspired for us. Just when we were chatting to fun in our neighbors’ tent, an SOS from Poonam came in as a surprise…what followed was a desperate attempt by many of us to save her. In the near death experience for her, she tested our muscle to see her going through all that agony and pain…poor baby. She sure should thank me for saving her life with the proper proper well in time medication….I am waiting.

We went off to sleep in the cozy little tents, bundled in blankets while the nocturnal birds and insects did the lullaby for sure was a jungle mein mungle feeling.

(Day 2 in the next post)


Ipsi said...

As I read your account and saw those memorable pics from the much-revered gallery I sure felt jolts in my stomach. Kudos to you for having managed a trip so well, for having taken your baby for his first camping trip...Yo hot mama rules! Searching for quintessence indeed! Please note the abundance of exclaimation marks coz' I am in great awe. Looking forward to hear more anecdotes from the trip and yeah, one thing for sure, I am coming along with you guys for the next trip (if there is one)...500 miles away from home!

punu said...

Yes, a real savior,

I am really grateful that you were beside me at that moment.

A feeling of gratitude to compassionate people like Harhsa, Neha, Supriya, Akhil and Kiran also that they were there with me at my difficult moment…..

I just cant’ express my feeling of gratitude by gathering some words but in a very simple way I would say that you all are great

sachin said...
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sachin said...'s great to know that you enjoyed the trip in its true sense..while having fun, you got to know the "true" side of people...

and kudos for you to manage all the activities (I wonder if I would have been able to do all that!).

Hill Goat said...

it alls sounds so much like Britanican outings (though you couldnt attend any of them).