Monday, July 30, 2007

The Baby Show: Part 2

Mauli has won two prizes at Mother's pride: one as we all know is for the Sunniest Smile, the other one is for Chubby Cheeks. We realized it only when we visited their school to recieve the long pending gift. One of the two (same same) bicycles that Mauli received is already on its way to the forgotten toy tub because it is creaking under Maulik's weight...he has been riding the poor 1.5 feet thing inspite of its lean structure. The 2 small batteries find no use as he goes shooo shoo with it, using his little feet to steer it. He is having a good time...and moms watching.

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Anonymous said...

good stuff...sab chupe rustam and talented hain shayad khandan main :-)

nice change of the blog appearance as well...looks like the only thing that needs a change is insomnia heading as well, or does it hasn't changed recently depicted...or there are different reasons now?