Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Little Monster

Life is good running in a circle: office-gym-home-eat-sleep-morning chores-office. The weekend too is running the same cycle minus the office and the gym. The little spare time from this cycle is spent in the craziness of momhood – me and maulik. The super tiring running around in the park, the chupan-chupayi in the rooms, the chase in the garden, the fights (u gotta see the nail marks on my face to believe this), the coochie-coochie sessions (where we hug each other), and all the masti…the only saving grace in the monotony of life.

Maulik’s naughtiness is increasing by the day and it’s becoming harder for us to cope up….he runs, talks, screams endlessly…at times I want to actually hide myself in the loo to take a break from the hullabaloo. Even at 12 in the night his energy level can advertise for Red Bull, and it is an effort (read as struggle) to put him to sleep every night. God I need some rest.


Hill Goat said...

Looks like you have found a medicine for insomnia

Anonymous said...

Good that you are busy for a very good reason, but make sure your habit of blogging is doesn't become a gone story.