Monday, May 21, 2007

The perfect balance

Written on 19th May.

I saw them on the see-saw. They looked married for a couple of years. As the see-saw went up and down, I saw them smiling and trying to maintain a balance….maintain equal thrust on both sides. Yes it was equal on both sides...the smiles, the spark in their eyes, the naughtiness, the giggles….and the amazing fun. And there I was, sitting on a distant swing, hugging loneliness and the breeze, waiting for Anuj to return from the engagements of life. Looked like the weather was showering all generosity on them…the breeze, the lightening, the thin drizzle. Looked like it was hating me alone….so was I.


Hill Goat said...

yeh toh filosofy ho gayi... if you had written this post in Hindi, it would look straight out of Bheja Fry's Vinay Pathak outpouring (am I being too harsh?)

SBT said...
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