Monday, May 21, 2007

Movies on the weekend

I really can’t help talking about the three movies that I watched this weekend.

Mitr: My friend was terrific, performances so so real. A desi concept in a firang setting, the movie talks about how distance roots itself in the life of an otherwise happy and loving couple. The movie skillfully depicts the loneliness of this elegant home maker, who resorts to talking to her plants and chatting to a no-name over the internet, in whom she confides everything from her life. The movie ends with the interesting revelation that the no-name is none other than her husband. A good family bonding movie….gets a little too sensitive in the middle when their young daughter moves out to live with a firang. A not to miss variety.

My Saturday pick was Bheja Fry…and as the name suggests, it did fry our bheja. A nonsense comedy with no purpose, but good, borrowed script (how do I know this..Masand told me)…and some dialogues did leave me tickled. Against what i expected, Ranvir disappoints with his over acting and Vinay Pathak takes the cake. Watch at your own risk…but never on a bad day…you might end up breaking your screen.

The movie that took me to the theatre was Life in a Metro. As much as Konkana and Irfaan added the enjoyable moments to the movie, so did Shilpa’s stunning persona and performance, and Kangana’s changed (and bearable) look. As the name suggest, the movie was an insight into the status of relationships in a metro and it did appear so close to life. The cinematography was very very beautiful, especially when they have treated the red light as a fixed point in the busy street, shifting the view from night to have to see it to believe it. The dialogues had a punch and some of them will sure haunt my memory for days.

The music was so apt, so awesome and the idea of keeping the band as a narrative was novel….the characters looked real, the treatment so strong and so deserving, Shilpa was just looking so plain striking and did complete justice to her role. Everything looked so enjoyable that even the intolerable scenes with Dharmendra and the horse chase in the end can be easily forgiven.

A mature movie…but a truly bollywoodish end, where everyone chooses the right (read as ethical and moral) path. The director must have experimented here….the audience was prepared for a more realistic, but (so called) morally incorrect end. But truly a genuine and neat effort. Must watch.


Ipsi said...

About Life in a Metro, I think Anurag Basu has done a fantastic job with the script. The dilemma that Shilpa's character faced looked real. However, I don't think everybody in the BPO industry is sleeping around with the superiors for hedging a promotion. Yeah, I know there are a couple of live-togethers and scandals that any industry faces (nothing specific) but man, that was like the order of the day. About the rockers, the songs and lyrics were good but again, I think there was no need to insert them after every 15-20 minutes. Konkona and Shilpa have certainly left an indellible mark but the skinny actress (whatever her name is) did not have much scope besides crying and fainting. Dharmendra and Nafisa have looked cute as a pair and played their part well. Maybe, that's something our Sunny Paji still needs to learn from Dad! All in all a good movie but somehow I feel Indian cinema has a long way to go as far as editing is concerned. And I certainly am not including a few of the latest flicks like Cheeni Kum.

Ipsi said...

I had to come back for more. How could I leave Irfaan? He is someone who never disappoints the audience and always leaves them wanting for more. I don't know despite the huge age difference between him and Konkona they had a chemistry going which was funny and yet romantic in a way. There I hope that sums up all.