Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So long

Hey days are really flying by, and this hated busy-ness…well I don’t really hate it...do I? But ya, last week just flew past. Work at office is real good these days and visit to the park with Mauli takes away the evening. Three days at the hospital (well no serious reasons, just found the doc too cute) wasn’t too good a reason to waste the weekend on. But it has sure generated a healthier me…instilling in a positive feel about this newly found love in life…The GYM (hey, close that mouth). My visit to the gym every evening is sure making me feel good (read as lighter) - courtesy the poor instructor whose machines must be creaking by the end of the month. But the guy sure motivates me and has promised me ‘perfect ten’. Amen

Movie update: too many on the list. 300 (i did'nt enjoy it), Red (DO NOT WATCH IT), Time Machine (super cool fiction), and Ghost rider (so-called horror which left even mauli laughing).


Divoo said...

I wonder how we get time for ourselves in this busy life. I wonder why we need to be busy to get work done. How foolish, but why's life like that? :)

siddharth said...

Ha Ha,ask me about what busi ness and business is all about.No time for ourselves,dont even know for whom and for what are we busy creating things when we dont have time for any of em.....I dont even remember when I said last time "today was real fun day"