Saturday, March 24, 2007

Welcome the Spring

Cool breeze in the evening and an early sun in the morning, longish days and plants at their best.

Time of growth and renewal, its spring again, a season which brings in cheerfulness and freshness. Enjoy the breeze guys and and let life bloom the nature way….hey check out this shot from my garden...looks awesome.

Another reason to cherish: its mom’s birthday today. Happy birthday to the woman of perfection…the only imperfect thing that she owns is….ME!!


ashimagarg said...

No posts for a long time....why?

siddharth said...

hi!appreciate the effort you take of clicking the nice pics of garden,posting them and the best converting it into beautiful words(admirable) but only draw back with springs is it brings pollen grains and anyone like me who is allergic to it starts his/her day with 150 sneezes and goes on sneezing through out the day.Gives a good excuse for late walk ins in office though but when ur on sneezing trip its bad.