Monday, March 12, 2007

Holi ke din...

A little too late to write about Holi, but since the memories are fresh, so is the thought. So here I go.

Holi was fun: me, maulik, anuj...we had the best time ever. It was good to see that Maulik enjoyed playing holi as frivolously as I do (unlike his dad who is the ‘touch-me-not’ variety). We were the worst painted and are pink on the hands even today. But I love the color, especially if it paints my heart too with contentment….and so it did.

Check out mauli with dad (first pic) and mauli with nana, nani, and me (the ugliest one).

We had the best possible time, and it was togetherness, more than anything else, that was keeping us vibrant. A quiet dinner in the night was just sufficient to mark the day as perfect...touchwood.

Indeed a Happy Holi!!!

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