Saturday, March 31, 2007

It’s been a busy week…

Last Tuesday saw us at PVR Sahara for Namaste London - typically Bollywoodish, but enjoyable. All fun coupled with a little crankiness from Maulik, he stood by his decision against being in the movie hall. How we managed...well don’t ask me that.

Namaste London was good…for the UK factor in it, for Katrina (who looks so apt as the British-Indian mix), for Akshaya (who rightly deserved all the whistles and applause), for the pleasant music (trust me, I otherwise belong to the ‘we hate Reshammiya club’), and for the choreography (can't ignore Akshaya’s yummazing style in ‘chakna chakna’….the man looks sexy) . While hubby dear was all smiles throughout, the crowd too was euphoric.

My good notes from the movie - Teri Yaad by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (thanks to Himesh for not trying this one himself) and "ishq di mere mitra pehchaan ki, mit jaave jad yaara jid apnaan di" (by...obviously the dialogue writer).

Check out guys….a promising package.


siddharth said...

I know you saw this movie the same day when I landed up in gurgaon to catch up with few friends of mine unplanned as I was returning from the candle factory that too also on a sunday.Dared to msg u knowing yr hubby can catch it,,,,,(things would have ended even before anything could start) if he would have read the msg but yr short replies conveyed danger is around....beware!!!
I agree it's an amazing movie,specially reminds me of my days in england and I always have been in love with city of london as had best days of my life there.And trust me katrinaaaaa is ooomphhh!!!Wish i have someone like her landing up in my life like this....will marry the next day.


Hill Goat said...

you still have that thing for silly slapsticks, no? also for those sad songs?