Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Its back...

A word about Nirula’s, and there I go for a trip down the memory lane. In one of my earlier posts (2/7/07) I do have written about it being one of my favorite hangouts during college. Now what new?

Nirula’s has come up with its newly designed flagship outlet at Connaught Place after its acquisition by…I donno who. The new outlet promises an Indian contemporary look yet stays international (remember the ice cream gulabo). Everything...just everything about this place called Nirula’s rubs in nostalgia.

Where did I meet my hubby the first time?
Where did he propose to me?
Where did we spend all that time together that translated into love?
Where was our first lunch after marriage?
Where was our first dinner after moving in to Gurgaon?

Well as the answer to all the questions reads Nirula’s, need not say that it is still special to me and very special to my memories. From a person who lives to smile with memories and dreams...some places are too good to forget.

Welcome back Nirula’s.

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siddharth said...

am suprised tht even after so many years,you remember everything regarding nirulas.So much charm in married life after so many years is disappointing for guys like me,who are still standing in the que......!but yes seeing this my belief in love marriages becomes stronger.