Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy chicks, no chicken

New paint on the walls, new plants in my garden, and reality in its new avatar…life rocks.

A lovely weekend: laid back, fun, a couple of good movies (the good ones were final destination 3 and mine, yours, and ours), frequent visits to the children park (mauli at his best with the neighborhood babes), experimental cooking (which turned out to be good!!!) and….ab aur kya.
Mauli with the babes
There are days in life, good and bad. And when you are going through those, that are bad, it is important to hold on...hold on to what you want, hold on to your dreams….and happiness will sure come your way.

It's neither easy to aspire, nor is it to inspire. After Abby was able to inspire me to blog, i aspired to make some follow...everyon should have the right to expression and happiness. So when Nikhil (a workplace friend) started his blog (its all about him, singing...highly recommended material), I saw that fire spreading. Ashi and Ipsita have already landed here. Long live the power to express and the media to communicate.

Hey, some of the entries at the blog mela at Toe Knee Unplugged were awesome, just in case.


Ipsi said...

Finally the name comes much as I want to let my friend know how good she is when it comes to driving the excitement in and around the 'sleepy hollow', I do also want to let her know that the names were dropped right after her post called 'Copy Cat'. I call it Best Practice Sharing! Well in case, you are interested to check my otherwise-infrequent-but-still-kickassing-XpressionZ here is the link:

Nikhil said...

Yes the fire is spreading and spreading wildly. I have been a silent reader to your post. Needless to say I enjoy every bit of it.

Thanks for introducing me to the Blog, It has given a reason to smile and feel contented. I just want to quote you here “Long live the power to express and the media to communicate.”


siddharth said...

I think I was right 6-7 years ago to know you and have an opportunity of getting the creative writing done.
Will apologise for Stealing a line from your blog which says "There are days in life,good and bad.And ......" and I forwarded the same to a friend of mine whos going through a rough phase in life.....well stealing was done with a good intention n a noble cause so am expecting some pardon from you.....!

Hill Goat said...

good to see that the torch-bearer has lit up many a lamp...
all the best!