Saturday, February 3, 2007


Pleasure to me is a relative thing…cannot see it, but feel it within. And the sources of pleasure can be innumerable- physical, mental, and emotional. Every sense of pleasure emanates in its own unique way. It can be a smile, a touch, a whimper or just a hug….even doing a paranta for Maulik is pleasure.

Pleasures also come from dreams, distant dreams…and we do experience that…we get, what we need in our dreams, from our dreams…with no touch, no smile, no hug, just a feeling that I can see what I want….and try and live the dream. Feel like thanking my dreams, they inspire, they make me love myself….and they please.

It’s a Saturday and as we be with our families, should not forget that greater pleasures come from very small acts of benevolence... make sure you do that.

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