Monday, February 5, 2007

Nothing lasts long....

Pleasure for sure comes from good things, and all good things are not real.

The weekend was good, days away from reality and nights so close to dreams. With mom dad around, the feeling of pleasure was so very intense. Chatting, eating out, shopping, everything so material…but pleasing. (Some thousands down on the credit limit is all it takes to be happy…really?)

Well no…it was just the touch of pleasure. The touch of dreams at night and the touch of illusory in the day…and nothing is for real, and for long. As papa was zipping my pullover in the trial room, he made me feel a kid….wish I was. “No u are not buying this…the neck is so deep...the trouser is so ill fitting….hey this looks like done for you…You need to buy this

Completely putting their heart and soul into me, they helped me choose my wardrobe to put an attempt to make me look good, they actually made me feel school-going. Nothing good lasts long with me, they have left for Sonipat….thanks ma-pa, you really pampered me to ecstasy. Will miss you!!!

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