Sunday, February 18, 2007

Live your dreams

I keep repeating this in my posts, but this is something I believe in.

My belief further strengthened after I watched Guru. No point saying a word here…we already know it is superb. The movie reinstates my conviction on “Dreams”. Why I keep repeating this: yeh because all these years of my life I thought life is real, reality is life, beyond this, there is nothing. Suddenly one day I met my dream, he told me that in the one life that we have, we need to live for ourselves, we need to look for what we want. I was introduced to a new world of dreams, and exploring beyond that. This was the world where you think out of reality, think of making it happen, and that is much beyond the life that you are living.

Live your dreams, live your life and dream of doing all that you want, that you can, and all that you think, you should. F*** that something we term as routine and try and do things that you dream of….

BTW we got Mauli shaved off again, isn't he looking cute?

Wathced Salaam-e-ishq: Minus Salman Khan (who looks constipated as always), I enjoyed it thoroughly, though will not recommend it.

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