Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Live firangi, love desi

ICICI has started this automated ticket service system wherein u enter the bank, enter your service requirement, get a printed coupon (service number) from a machine and then wait till your no. and the counter no. where u need to move to is flashed on the screen. I was impressed. The first time I learned of this service feature was while doing the web-based training for Maybank (Malaysia). That impressed me even more since the concept appeared innovative and too kool. Experiencing it practically...well I quite liked it.

ICICI bank branch reminds me of Nirula’s. So much alike they are, both launched with an international appeal promising to bring the international flavor to their offerings and both gone down to become so desi over the years. The bank branch decked up with banners and cut outs of shahrukh khan and the gold coins quite appeared to me of some surplus from Diwali, too loud and too appalling...It is supposed to look like a bank…Isn’t it?

Same with Nirula’s, a synonym for ice creams and all the junk food that was unheard of in those days. Pizza actually to me was introduced by Nirula’s, and we used to proudly go there and say 212 to convey that we wanted their mushroom capsicum pizza, which on the menu list had the same number. With limited options and that craze to try the delicacies with firang appeal, Nirula’s indeed was a hot spot in my days of college. Today I come across customers waiting to order samosa-chola and kulchas at Nirula’s. The last time I went there, I even saw a platter with dal makhani and bhindi tadka there….hello whats that?

The bottom line…well I need to prject an upshot from my words at work…well it is just to bring home the point that with Indians, desi rules. An Indian is born Indian, tries to live firang, but in the end, dies Indian. Point made.


Hill Goat said...

loved going thru all the posts from the start. your blog is a bountiful of lovely tidbits. some of the posts were very touching; some I coudnt relate to (they were too personal). Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Cute blog. Looks like your workplace has little work, that allows you to scribble so often.
Just a suggestion: why not add a 'statcounter' or a similar clicko-meter on your blog. That will help you know how many hits your blog is receiving on a daily or monthly basis. it is just a minute-long process. try it...