Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's a sunday, it's a funday

Sexy is the word. The chill, the rain, the breeze that wipes off melancholy. Hey the weather is so very beautiful. Rim jhim rim jhi, rum jhum rum jhum, bheege bheege rut mein, tum hum hum tum, the beautiful song from 1942-A Love Story is so apt…listening to it and cooking chicken in the kitchen. And how can I miss the marvelous wristwatch that Ashi brought from Macy's at US and those oh-so-yum and seductive mint chocolates (dear friends reserve my share, not so dear ones finish it). God is grateful on Sundays.

But it has never rained like this in my memory…since Mauli had recently gone bald, sir mundate hi oley pade was our pun in the day. But trust me, our garden was all white with oley/hail (don’t know if the English equivalent says it correct). For someone who has lately been missing pahaad ki sardi, the day was a delight.

Look at the picture to believe that there was actually a sheet of oley in our garden and the windscreen of my first floor wala's car broke too. God i love you!

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Abby said...

As papa would say it... bhaar bhot thand haiiii