Thursday, February 1, 2007

India is proud...

All the media dropouts like me who have been making bread in other industries, would have sure spend a moment every day trying to criticize media for where it is going. Times of India is creative but not quality, Aaj tak is cheap, media is getting into sensationalism…bla bla. For sure I would have been making the same mess if I was there, but the escape route is always easy….and the next step, sit back and criticize.
But I am sure for me and my friends for whom everything in black and white is bible, today is the day of worship. Tata has made it big and Times of India has complemented the big win, just the way it deserved. The front page which was a treat to the eyes speaking creativity and a style that is just so appropriate.

The headline, India on Song, Takes Corus Along so well echoes the music of the indiapoised anthem, wherein it says (I’ll do that in hindi bcoz that reads better) “Ab humein swadeshi ka nara chod kar videshi comapnio par tiranga legrana hai”…Ratan Tata has just done that and is making us all proud.

Three cheers to the man who is making us proud and to TOI for so rightfully capturing it in just the right way!!

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