Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines

It’s Valentine’s Day. And so what, at 30 I am not supposed to feel mushy mushy, say I love you, wear red. My take on that…why not. Because when was the last time you did anything like that….see it’s taking you long to remember. So today is the day. More so, we are in a country which looks for reasons to declare celebrations, so why not today.

It’s a good day to connect, express, make out, reach out to people you care for but have lost them in time. Just like Sid, thanks Sid for calling, I was really touched…off course, imagine a young, handsome business tycoon calling you early morning...the day has to be special…or has to be made special…whichever way makes you feel good.

The love of my life…mauli has a heart shaped tattoo that I made early morning from that leftover red nail paint. My way of doing something to make the day special…

My idea of a perfect valentine…me, my life, my dreams. So as me is with myself, my life is so close to me, and I am getting closer to my dreams….the day is so good, so beautiful.


Ipsi said...

You are one bagful of style-quotient.....wotta say! Young (synonymous to...hmmm), handsome (synonymous to...hmmm),.....what's happening? Mama mia!

siddharth said...

You are crazy!u know how to flatter people and I never knew one call could make that much of a difference.Thanks for putting me on cloud9 but am more happy about one complaint of yours that I cud sort out,n then y not today!