Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dor: A movie worth watching

A beautiful day, so nice, so cold…so romantic. Typically these are the days when my emotions are on a high and thoughts run on my media player throughout. A solitary walk outside the house on our deep dark road and a few thoughts go rolling….I watched this movie Dor last week and a particular scene therein was fiddling with my peace during the walk.

In the movie a young widow was harassed by her mom in law but a senior lady in the family (who was a widow too) was supporting the girl. In this particular scene, the girl and the lady (the two widows) were standing in a room and her mom in law was preventing her from going out. At this, the senior lady lamented: you should not forget humanity in the proud of being with a man, because you too may be in this room one day. The mom in law stepped back and allowed the young girl to go. The emotion and thought with which this scene was executed is truly mind blowing.

A good suggestion for the weekend, watch the movie. It is a not-to-miss variety.

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ashima said...

I am glad that your views match typically with Gaurav's. No Wonder! hahaha