Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dad's got a job

There are days when life stands still. Even with the breeze outside, nothing seems to move. No trees, no leaves, no strands of hair on the face, no dupatta - it is just silene everywhere, obviously replicating the silence inside. But at times it becomes difficult to know why, and there is no reason for that unknown fear, will i lose something today, suffer anything, will anything go against me, is a failure coming my way...donno. But for sure there are days when there is this absolute killing silence inside..the condition which the happening generation may define as feeling low.

Okay so i was feeling low today. Suddenly a news bangs on my mobile phone...Dad's joined today as National Rural Health Management Consultant…Wowowo! Finally this breaks the lowly feel and I am on a usual high again ready to take on the world.

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ashima said...

Congratulations Uncle!