Friday, February 16, 2007

Baat phoolon ki

Phir chidi raat, baat phoolon ki...(remember the song)

An interesting story to share: It all began on a Valentine’s Day 12 years ago when Karuturi, a mechanical engineer, was sniffing around Bangalore for roses for his wife (how romantic). Finding none, he decided to step out of the cable business he was running and plant high-value stem roses for a living. He set up Karuturi Networks, which now processes 12 million roses annually (behind every successful man, there has to be a woman).

This Bangalore based company is now close to acquiring the Netherlands-based world’s largest producer and supplier of roses (they produce 9600 million roses annually!!) to emerge as the global leader in roses.

Country is living the days of acquisition, Tata, Birla and now this little known one from Bangalore. But unlike the other two deals which smell of money, this one radiates fragrance.

How much I love flowers. When in those years of college I was dreaming of being rich and famous, I always used to plan of getting 10 roses and 1 gerbera (I love that flower solo) delivered every morning. With time, since the richness and fame didn’t come in, the dream is lost. I hate that.

But its never too late to try to relive dreams and dream better. I love flowers but no one gives me any(are u listening). So what, I will have what I want…cross the road, bargain a bit and get my choicest collection.

This solo gerbera on my desk has given me immense pleasure since yesterday.

As for future, maybe I will bring my dreams to reality if I am rich, or maybe someone decides to plant a few stems for me…u never know.


Anonymous said...

media (reports) still inspire you. As they say, you can take out a mediaperson from newsroom but you cant take newsroom out of a mediaperson

SBT said...

Mediaperson...dont even know i can take that tag. Abhi to, life is all about adding a comma here and a period there.