Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sleeping tight

Jaagen hain der tak humein, kuch aur sone do…the song quite describes the transition in my pattern. Yeh that’s right. After months of restiveness on the bed, finally I like to sleep…I am enjoying every moment of this revived activity, just want to do more of it, more often.

Like the past few days, last night too I slept at around twelvish (now that used to be like early evening for me)…but maybe last night I kinda succumbed to this movie that I was watching. Traffic Signal is the name: a movie thats irritating to the core, right from the word GO. It is just about naked children/beggars on a traffic signal with our dude, Mr. Kunal, a manager to the business at the signal. I mean we all know that beggar mafias exist, and we know that police and doctors are a party, and so there is just no need for this shabby and superficial representation which is blank on the bottom line. Someone please tell Madhur Bhandarkar that we too read newspapers and so there is no need for him to foolishly club some news stories into a movie. To top it, the movie wud test your patience with that unbearable background score (shore is the hindi word for it) and the music. Time for us to say a bye bye to Mr. Bhandarkar, or better still, he shud bid us goodbye. BTW exept when it comes to Farhan Akhtar movies, I quite seem to agree with Masand (banda ye bindaas hai), read

The only good pick in the entire last week was Cheaper by the Dozen 2. A through entertainer with Steve Martin at his ever best, the movie so beautifully paints a picture of family bonding…a scene or two did jerk my tear glands. Well tears remind me of something very interesting that I read lately: tears brought about by different emotions have a different chemical make up …isn’t that amazing?


Abby said...

A terrible weekend for me with Honeymoon travels at PVR, umrao jaan and anwar on DVD! :(

siddharth said...

you are worried about sleeping at 12,,,for me thats the only time i get for myself thats after wonder i can never be an early riser.

hill goat said...

late-risers of the world unite